Hook up means yahoo

Like if someone says i hook up with her or we're hooking up what does that mean does it mean we had sex made out what does the term "hook up" mean. I thought it just meant to date, but my friend liked this guy but when she found out he just wanted to hook up with her shed didnt like him anymore. It can mean just sex for the night, a steady date partner, or a regular relationship if somebody asks you if you want to hook up in a bar, it's probably just sex for the night source(s):.

So at camp i met this french guy who couldnt speak great english and we were eachothers date for the dance he was my first kiss and then after that he said "do u know what hook-up" and he cant speak great english wut does this mean. To him unless he knows that after the hook up you want to remain a virgin just so you two are on the same page, hook up means two different things, either hook up as friends or hook up to have sexual fun. What does it mean to hook up with someone and next thing you know you're hooking up but what does hooking up actually even mean is it making out what does it mean to say you .

Definition of hook up in the idioms dictionary hook up phrase what does hook up expression mean definitions by the largest idiom dictionary yahoo get our app . Well it can mean several different things such as hey you wanna hook up later and go to the mall- that just means meet up but usually when someone says hook up they mean to have sex. I think it depends on the context, like when a friend i wanna hook you guys up it means get you guys together but if you say yeah we so hooked up last night that is sex, of yeah i can hook you up that prolly means w/ drugs or thats at least how it goes at my school. So, now we all know what hooking up with someone means but how do you know you've reached that point with the person you're hooked up with saying you 'hook up' with someone is saying you . While the term “hooking up” is used quite frequently, it’s interesting to note that there are multiple definitions and explanations as to what it actually means in fact, hooking up is an expression that can signify many different things to different people so in order to determine if hooking .

This guy was like text me or talk to me on facebook and il hook up with you maybe what does it mean hook up with you does it mean go out or date or have sex with. Hook p (ho͝ok′ŭp′) n 1 a system or network of electrical circuits or equipment designed to operate together 2 a a configuration of mechanical parts or devices . Ok i never stayed in one i just bought a 06 travel trailer and it has a real toilet in it instead of one with the tank under so does that mean full hook ups we just put the hose in the ground someone please explain to me lol i dont want to sound dum when i show up or call the rv place because i dont know what im talking about they asked me what kind of amp is it i was like whats that haha. Another meaning of hook up is to meet somewhere, so if you want to meet the person you've been stalking online for several months, i'm sure the hook up option brings up an automated message sender that you can use to arrange a meeting somewhere, like in an alleyway or deep forest.

Hook-up actually means several things and it is context dependent it is age dependent too younger kids will have possible slightly different meanings than a young adult. Definition of hook up in the definitionsnet dictionary meaning of hook up what does hook up mean information and translations of hook up in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Hook up means a lot of things i have always known hook up to mean having sex with someone, but i've been watching jersey shore and to them hook up means making out i think for the most part it means having sex. Hook up culture yahoo answers heel and toe once made it is painted with bright colors and filled with candy or small toys ongoing community culture, central intelligence agency”. Best answer: if someone says im gonna hook you up with him/her then it means get them together and possibly start a relationship, etc but if they say i hooked .

Hook up means yahoo

Best answer: that term is used so widely that it can mean a variety of things to different people some people consider hooking up as making out some people consider it as doing something sexual, like oral sex, e. In your example, hook up with = meet up with the thing is, 'hook up' could also mean 'to start having sexual relationship with someone' so, i'd rather meet up with my mom. Yahoo singapore answers what does a guy mean when he says will have to hook up soon i've been talking to a guy i went to highschool with years ago .

Hook up meaning, to hook up with someone, as to just go out or to hook up, to have a meaningless fling with someone. Hook up can have two meanings: to meet, or to have a sexual encounter of some degree before it had any sexual connotations the term meant, meet. There's a guy in my class who likes to get physical with girls his friends say he likes me and i like him too lately we've started talking a lot last night he texted me wanna hook up tomorrow . What does hooking up mean i'm going to new york, and this guy asked if we were going to hang out i said i guess so so then he asked wanna hook up and i didn't answer him because i wasn't sure if he wanted to have sexor just go on a date someone please help me, it will be well appreciated.

I was chatting with this guy im friends with (hes 21 im 17) he lives in a different city than me, but he asked me if we hung out would i want to hook up, i asked him if he meant like a booty call he said no just hook up, the he said hes not an asshole or the type of guy that hooks up then never talks to them again if hes not meaing sex wtf is he talkin bout soo confused, also we live in . Best answer: it depend show they say it it can mean hook up as in go out or hook up as in a one-night stand type of thing. Hook up has many meanings that are dependent upon the context and use of the word for example: lisa and kim hooked up last night used as a verb, this mean they had sexual intercourse.

Hook up means yahoo
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